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  • Will my PAQUA leak?

Provided you follow instructions for closure, your PAQUA product has been designed and tested to be waterproof to a depth of 2m.
All PAQUA products are batch-tested, but if unsure, you can place a piece of paper, or something of no value inside to test it before you entrust your valuables – give it a go, you won’t regret it!

  • Will my PAQUA float?

    PAQUA products have been designed to float, as long as air is trapped inside during the closing procedure; air inside makes your PAQUA more bulky, but it will float.
  • What is the guarantee on my PAQUA?

    All PAQUA products are guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase.
    Any warranty claims must be accompanied by a Proof of Purchase and sent to:

PAQUA Australia
PO Box 596
Alexandria NSW 1435

The warranty provides for product defect through the manufacturing process, not through mis-use. PAQUA will not accept any claims based on mis-use and/or any personal injury or damage to property caused through mis-use.

  • Can I submerge my PAQUA?

    PAQUA products are designed for recreational use, and can stay at the indicated depth for as long as most people (reasonably) stay in the water – under 24 hours.
    PAQUA products are not for diving.


  • The PAQUA straps will always feel a little looser in water so over-tighten before swimming, as a precaution, rather than going into the water with your PAQUA secured loosely
  • Always rinse your PAQUA with fresh water after use and let it dry in an open area
  • Keep your PAQUA closure open when storing


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